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A small business podcast


Talking Business Australia Podcast




An Australian small business podcast for regional Australia

The Regional Roar podcast is an Australian small business podcast brought to you by co-hosts Cath Fowler and Melissa Dickfos. This dynamic duo are digital marketers and copywriters, who love sharing the success stories of other regional business throughout Australia.


Listen to an Australian podcast showcasing regional business owners

You’ll listen to inspirational success stories from regional business owners all around our amazing country.  From solo business owners, tradies, big companies and more – feel inspired to continue to grow your regional Australian business.


Aussie podcast to help your business with marketing and business tips

As a business owner you’re probably always looking for extra tips to grow your business, improve your marketing or connect with other like-minded people.  The Regional Roar podcast will share marketing and business tips, and provide a platform to connect with and build a community of like-minded regional business owners.



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