In this episode of the Regional Roar Podcast, co-hosts Cath Fowler and Melissa Dickfos chat all about website copywriting. While design attracts, it’s copy that sells. We share tips to help increase your website engagement and conversions.

Cath helps businesses get found and look good online. She enjoys working with regional businesses of all kinds to help the little guys compete on the big stage.

A coffee-loving digital marketer and copywriter, Melissa loves working with regional businesses to help them stand out online.

In this episode we cover:

  • Starting with knowing your audience first
  • Highlight important details and share your story to build connection and trust
  • Keep your copy conversational
  • Write for people but also consider search engine optimisation and use keywords to get found on Google
  • Avoid jargon and keep your copy easy to read
  • Create good linkages from one page of your site to the next. 
  • Don’t assume everyone who visits your site starts on the home page
  • Have strong call to actions

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