In this episode of the Regional Roar Podcast, co-hosts Melissa Dickfos and Cath Fowler share with you some ideas on how you can support towns, communities and businesses in regional and rural Australia throughout 2020 and beyond.

Of course, we love to share the success stories of people and businesses doing great things in regional and rural Australia. But given the enduring drought conditions in much of our country, combined with the devastating bushfires, it’s time for us to all band together and show the compassion and support we are renowned for.

In this episode we cover:

  • The amazing social media campaigns that have grown the awareness of regional Australian communities.
  • Small businesses are at the heart of regional and rural communities. They are the biggest employers of people and contributors to giving back to the community.  
  • Businesses have been born out of innovation and what needed to be done.  Creating a secondary income for farming families
  • The impact on businesses in rural and regional Australia has a wider flow-on impact for the rest of Australia and more so on our local communities.
  • While charity certainly has its place, what communities want is for you to invest in them.  People need an immediate injection of cash to ensure they survive.
  • Mental Health and family stress levels in rural areas have been affected by the drought for a prolonged time. 
  • Don’t underestimate the impact you can have on putting your money directly to a business owner and spending it there.  People need hope. 
  • You might feel that your one person but it’s the combined efforts of everyone and banding together we can reduce the suicide numbers it’s an opportunity to step up and support a mate.

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